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About Us

For too long now, diamonds have been seen as rare, mystical and unfortunately, inaccessible. It’s time we changed that.

At RockRush, our mission is to make diamonds and diamond jewellery affordable and accessible to all, for everyone deserves to feel the overwhelming satisfaction that only a diamond can provide.

We’re an e-tailer service bringing diamond jewellery directly to your doorstep. We manufacture all our products on our own, guaranteeing you the best price and ensuring your trust is reciprocated in full measure. Our material is sourced so that you have access to a wider variety of designs and styles than anywhere else. Customer satisfaction and feedback are also of utmost importance to us, and we ensure them through a dedicated and fully-equipped helpline.

RockRush jewellery is designed for the woman of today - bold, uninhibited and unafraid to take risks. She knows her worth and that is exactly what we aim to furnish her with. Recognizing the evolution of the digital era, we deliver the same with our products. So in the era where change is the only constant, why bother with ‘forever’?

Rockrush:About Us

When it comes to jewellery it’s wise to stay updated on the latest and the best, which is why we constantly keep updating our collections with fresh designs. Stay updated with the most recent jewellery trends and launches right here.

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