Rubies are highly sought-after gemstones, and with good reason- theyre absolutely gorgeous! The red hues of this stunning gemstone are widely coveted by people all over the world. The best quality of rubies is found in Myanmar, where the famous Burmese Ruby originated. And they happen to be the birthstone for Leos (July 23- August 22), the creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted and humorous people on the spectrum of the zodiac. Among the highest valued colour stones, sometimes rubies fetch higher prices than equivalently sized diamonds! And did we mention theyre gorgeous?!




Here are some facts you probably didnt know about the red-coloured gemstone:



  1. The name ruby finds its roots in Latin, derived from the word rubens meaning red.
  2. Ancient Hindus believed that offering rubies to Krishna as a part of prayers would assure rebirth as an emperor.
  3. Ruby gets its red colouring from trace amounts of chromium. The most desirable shade of ruby is a deep red with a hint of blue, which is referred to as “pigeon’s blood.”
  4. Registering 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies are extremely strong. They are as resilient as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds.

7acad7f7749c04a5ffa4dc76247a1a5d5. As a symbol of enduring love, rubies are believed to enhance ones powers of seduction and virility, and ensure everlasting passion.

6. Warriors have worn rubies into battle for their properties of protection, courage, and strength. Carrying rubies into battle is believed to lead to victory. In the Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers protected Dorothy from evil forces.

5ed5a672cc615283340fd29bf3498b807. The ruby stimulates the heart Chakra and improves blood circulation. Furthermore, rubbing rubies on ones skin improves physical and mental health purging the body of toxins and revitalize energy.

8.Thailand is one of the leading hubs for ruby mining & production, with other leading countries including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, & India.

9. A ruby amulet, pendant, or charm is believed to bestow harmony, success, emotional balance, and contentment to its wearer.

10. The most expensive ruby ever sold was the “Hope Ruby”, which weighs 32.08 carats and wassold for $6.74 million.



Rubies are considered among the most premium gemstones in the world. Get your hands on some exquisitely made la mode pieces of ruby encrusted jewellery exclusively here.

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