Travelling sets you free. Travelling is a shortcut to happiness. Travelling is nothing but a treat to your body, mind and soul. Always say yes to new adventures and you will have ample stories to narrate and brag to your grandchildren. A simple way of doing this is to say yes to every opportunity you get to travel. Vacations bring with it a cheerful vibe and you really don’t mind doing the routine of assembling the sunscreens, clothes, travel documents etc. And of course, looking at your best in your Instagram posts is mandatory. We all know the eons we invest to look at our best while we stand in front of the sea or a mountain or a monument and capture the happy moment. Rockrush has curated an exclusive traveler’s delight collection to add a streak of sass to your backpacking shenanigans. These 11 pieces of travel jewellery are going to combine your #travelgoals with #stylestatements. The minimalistic jewellery makes a thoughtful gift for someone who swears by traveling. Book your tickets and accessories before they run out of stock!

  • The classic diamond clustered studs look exceptionally elegant. They are your go-to earrings when in dilemma every time you are unsure about which accessory to adore.

  • These travel earrings surprise us twice with their dual-pattern. The inner drop nestles with its studded diamonds in the outer sharp pattern and gives you a dazzling look at the drop of a hat.
  • Be alert! The floral cutwork on the earrings is lethal and will mesmerize you so much so that you can hardly resist the urge to want them. The earrings will add charm to your floral dresses while on vacation.

  • We have little something to match your bohemian soul. The Miko Drop Pendant is nothing less than a dream you carry wherever you go!

  • Walk under the sun and warm up your soul with this unusually cheerful pendant. Couple it with simple diamond studs and explore the town.
  • Keep aiming for new places and always be on your toes! The Pretty Bow Pendant will keep your spirit soaring at every destination you go.

  • Indeed a traveler’s delight, the nose pin is a classic wear for the journey. A constant companion in your endless endeavors, the single stud adds beauty at every step you take.

  • While you treat yourself to new places, indulge in this travel jewellery ring aka Trustura Diamond Band. Follow the diamond clustered trail on your finger while you walk one in the mountains.
  • Rockrush brings travel jewellery rings with a floral blossom. This one is for the ones who swear by finding solace in nature’s lap.
  • We believe the two diamond pods on the ring denote the inseparable bond between you and your love for wanderlust. One is incomplete without the other and when together, the world seems to be a wonderland ready to be explored.

  • This travel inspired jewellery with upended delicate leaves matches your longing for being one with nature. Get hold of this tanmaniya which is an absolute gift for travel lovers.

Ask yourself where is the next trip to and buy travel-inspired accessories from Rockrush.

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