Whoever said ‘life is like a box of chocolates’, is an absolute genius. How else do you know what is the next adventure? How will you keep up with the mystery of the unknown? And how far can your guesswork take you? Days are indeed a rollercoaster ride on which you are going to have some amazing and many not-so-amazing experiences. Also, when you magnify your time, you realize that it is always the small things which gave you immense happiness. If such is the case, why not give these moments some credit and cherish them? We have pulled some of the cute little moments from our mundane days which definitely need more attention and celebration (and some retail therapy).

  • Dropping your child off on the first day of his school
  • Completing a project before the deadline
  • Winning a competition when you thought you stand no chance at all
  • Buying your first vehicle!
  • Having your favourite dinner laid on the table after a long day’s work
  • Getting a champi from your mom
  • Making up with your friend after a silly fight
  • Thanking your better half for just being herself

Legends say that nothing makes a woman happier than a nice piece of jewellery. Show your love with this classic Leafy Ribbon Pearl Pendant from Rockrush.

  • Finding your lost wallet and having your belongings intact
  • Getting involved in social work
  • Pursuing a new hobby

Learning to play a new instrument? Or want to try your hand at pottery? Whatever you take up, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. If painting is your thing, match your pastime with these artistic cufflinks made of pure gold.

  • Getting your dream job
  • Sponsoring a holiday for your parents
  • Self-love!

So important and yet so understated, self-love nourishes your soul and body. Special occasion jewellery is reserved for such appreciation. Treat yourself with this Bass Clef Charm Diamond Ring (and some french fries maybe)

  • Spending quality time with grandparents. Rare and refreshing, isn’t it?
  • Receiving a compliment after a long time
  • Getting your first piercing or a tattoo

Occasion jewellery is tailor-made to suit such special events. Getting inked or getting pierced obviously makes the list. Add a scoop of smartness with this super chic cubic ring nose pin made of white gold from Rockrush.

We would love to hear your sweet little moments. While you celebrate them, let us make them special with an array of thoughtful jewellery from Rockrush.

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