Ear Candies! The two words guaranteed to bring a cheek splitting smile to your face.

From smart and sleek formals to breezy, fun casuals long danglers look stunning with everything. There is just one tiny obstacle to be kept in mind while picking them out for your outfit; your hairstyle of course. We wouldnt want our mane to dim the effect of our sparkling earrings now, would we? Or worse your hair can get caught with the fancier of baubles and the whole situation can become a big mess.

Here are a few hairstyles you can try to show off your ear candies in their best light:

  • Sidelined:

While shaving your hair on the side has its own flair but you dont need to go as far as that. Our favourite celebs have already shown us how to do that!

Side line your hair neatly to one side using a corn row braid to give it an edgy and sleek look. This way you can keep your hair down and show off your ear candies in all their glory. Doesnt the waterfall side swept braid with our favourite baubles look like a match made in heaven?


P.C.: missysue.com

  • Headbands, Please!

Too lazy to style your hair? Headbands to the rescue. You can try this wonderfully simple headband braid to add that extra style quotient to your hair and most importantly to tuck it behind your ears to try out your stunning hoops.



  • The Good Old Bun:

This hairstyle is classic for a reason. No better way to show off your accessories and natural cheekbones than a simple knot bun. The simple grace of this hairstyle is enough to flatter any outfit. Follow the steps below to get the hairstyle that flatters all of your beguiling earrings.



  • Mess It Up:

While the simple bun is an all time classic, nobody can beat the effortless charm of a braided messy bun. The hairstyle thats let us say is, fit for EVERY occasion. They highlight your facial bone structure and not to mention the accessories quite simply shine out.


  • Caught In Knots:

Side braids, the perfect solution to all your accessorising problems. They look graceful and stylish and make your ear candies shine out in a crowd of many. Not to mention the ease with which they can be made and used to manage your hair. Try the following tutorial below for a super cool Bohemian side braid and let your baubles do the talking then.


So, these were our favourite hairstyles that are sure to make any pair of ear candy stand out and not to mention add extra sass to all your outfits. Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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