There is a certain charm, an elegance in jewellery that is from a past era. The lost intricately crafted gems of a bygone time can make for some of the most luxurious pieces of jewellery you own. Jewel enthusiasts can be a testament to how the beguiling jewels can amp up your collection. Small trinkets and treasures of the past make for gorgeous heirlooms that you can pass along from generation to generation. We’ve scoured the interwebs to find you some totally swoon-worthy rings that are to die for, mind you, the actual owners may have actually died in some cases! Here is our list of favourite vintage rings.


11. This Amethyst encrusted openwork gold ring is a specimen from the Russian Rennaisance. The Siberian Amethyst is a natural wonder and a true show stopper. Crafted by a promenent Russian jeweller, Yakov Rosen out of St. Petersburg, between 1904-1908, this ring is a beaut.








2. This antique Three-Stone Opal Ring is enchanting times three! A luminous and shimmering trio of opals: a 2 carat in the center accompanied by a matched pair totaling 1.40 carats (3.40 carats total), glisten and glow with kaleidoscopic colors in this classic late-Victorian ‘carved ring’, masterfully hand crafted in rich 18K yellow gold – circa 1900. The opals are accented with four tiny old mine-cut diamonds set in between.







3. This antique ruby and diamond ring, with old-cut marquise and two pear shape diamonds, surrounded by French-cut calibré rubies, in millegrain edged rub over settings, with pierced gallery work below, is the epitome of old world charm. From circa 1890, each shoulder is set with three eight-cut diamonds, mounted in gold and makes for a wondrous addition to one’s collection.







4. This vintage openwork ring was made in Moscow between 1908 and 1917. The century old Belle Epoque silver topped 14K gold ring is set with 3 old European cut, two single cut and eight rose cut diamonds.






5. This unique and lovely, organically inspired Peridot ring was crafted in two-tone (yellow and rose) gold with four tiny twinkling single-cut diamonds. Created circa 1940s-1950s, the sparkling Peridot, quite unusually, is bezel-set and fully faceted on top, making it an absolutely drool-worthy piece to own.








6. When it comes to creating pieces that are going to be coveted for centuries, the Russians surely know what they’re talking about. This elegantly crafted Art Nouveau Antique Sapphire and Diamond ring was made between 1908 and 1917.








7. This rare Russian antique ring with a 1.41 carat Lacey Old European diamond is set in 18k Sterling Silver. Made in the early 1900s this ring makes for the perfect engagement ring. Make note boys, this ring screams engagement ring #goals!

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