There are a lot of ifs and buts when it comes to what and how to wear mens jewellery. The niche market is pretty much sophisticated in terms of men’s accessories. The fashion police are extremely strict as to what should and should not be part of the everyday look in terms of rings, studs, watches, cufflinks etc. To make our point clearer, we have decoded and laid down a few dos and don’ts when it comes to jewellery for men. Time to take down quick notes.

1)    Keep it minimal

The ground rule to ace any look is to not over-do things. Too many cooks spoil the broth, do they not? Similarly, if you clutter jewellery, there are many chances that it will backfire. So, go for a minimum number of accessories depending on the occasion.

2)    Stud it up

The most underrated men’s jewellery is a stud. This single piece can add to your masculine look in a far better way than any other jewellery. Wear it in one ear or as a pair. Always have stud earrings made in pure gold or silver which promises longevity.  


3)    Match your watch and bracelet

This is a common mistake that men make. Your wrist is one of the first things people notice during a handshake. Hence, make sure that your watch and bracelet are in sync in terms of colour and metal. A black leather belt for your watch is an obvious choice if you want to experiment with your bracelet. It is best if you stick to gold or silver bracelets which also reduces the possibility of getting a rash.

4)    Swear by a silver or gold ring

Rings can be your best accessory if chosen well. An engagement rings for men can be coupled with one more ring without the fear of overdoing it. Just like the bracelets, it is recommended to go have them customised in pure gold or silver. Big rings are a huge turn-off, which suits women the best.

5)    A chain is a good change

A simple sleek gold chain can be your best friend for the day. Avoid heavy looped chain which looks utterly in-your-face. Going back to the first point, go for a humble chain to wear on your shirt or a T-shirt.

6)    Say yes to tradition jewellery

You won’t trade your sherwanis and mojaris for anything, will you? Our traditional attire makes sure we have some of the best designs and styles in our wardrobes. There are certain accessories which add charm to traditional clothing. For example, a kurta looks all the more ethnic if coupled with matching kurta buttons

7)    Formals and men are BFFs

There are no two ways about the fact that a man wins brownie points if he is seen carrying a crisp shirt and an ironed pant. Formals are not only comfortable but also create a good impression. Wear a tie to complement your shirt along with a pair of cufflinks to finish the look.  

8)    Don’t shy away from gemstone jewellery

It is flawed logic that gemstones should be restricted to women. Men love diamond rings just like we do. Complement your engagement ring by wearing a ring with a different gemstone. Similarly, a gemstone bracelet can be a smart add-on to your look. Today, gemstone jewellery for men is a topic of immense interest for jewellers considering the increasing demand of the same.

9)    Be confident

What you wear does make an impression. However, the way you carry yourself is the ultimate test to see if you can take the cake or not. The moment you are comfortable in your skin, there is nothing that can stop you. So, wear your jewellery confidently and in no time you will be sweeping them off their feet.

Having mastery over the fashion domain requires you to be on top of things. Abide by this simple guideline and you won’t have anything to worry about! Meanwhile, shop for men’s jewellery from Rockrush which offers home trials on products along with assured purity in gold and silver jewellery.

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