“It is my wish and prayer for you at the same time ‘Chingo’ (Everyone, I call Heather Chingo because well, you know *hugs her tightly* she is my ‘Chingo’), that you have lots of sex in your married life and stay happy with yours forever!

That being said, I know you love indulging in spa retreats now and then so Preston you know where you will be blowing your money from now on. Apart from bugging and annoying me for the last one year for the Great Indian Wedding preps, Chings you have been a bridezilla!

I recall moments from a month ago where you literally shook the tailor from his slumber at 3 AM in the morning because your cocktail dress didn’t fit as per your definition of Perfection! Poor Rob!!

You made me cancel 10 appointments just so that we could rush to the parlour for your last minute touch ups and I am not even counting the painful ordeal of shopping for your impeccable wedding Jewellery that you now adorn my darling. Preston – Keep the love for this mad chick alive for the rest of your life or I’ll appear in your dreams and drive you insane!”

Here’s the curation Heather and her bridesmaids wore for her white wedding in Goa:

After a deep debate, we finally locked down on Rockrush as our Go-To wedding jewellery store. It has some of the best wedding jewellery there is out there. Their collection is classy, subtle and trendy.

Heather’s diamond drop necklace:

If you talk about jewellery set for wedding then this diamond drop necklace is a breathtaking representation of a lady with depth and emotional maturity. It signifies the many struggles and hardships she has gone through to be with the man of her dreams finally.

The deepest things in life are portrayed simply and beautifully and this diamond drop necklace is an exemplary example of your worthiness. It’s perfect for those pastel dresses! Just the neckpiece and you’re ready.

This diamond drop necklace is set in 14kt White Gold (14.56 gms) with Diamonds (1.258 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI. Know more about the irresistible discount and its price here: Diamond Drops Necklace

The bridesmaid’s Geometric delight bangle:

Heather’s best friend wore this subtle diamond bangle as jewellery so to not overpower the bride and look dainty at the same time.

You can wear this on almost anything, except on gold coloured clothes and look simply stunning!

This Geometric diamond bangle is set in 14kt White Gold (9.32 gms) with Diamonds (0.98 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI. On a 10% discount, this classy bangle is up for grabs! Be the first to buy here: Geometric Delight Bangle

How Heather’s Bridesmaid complete the look with the bangle:

This bloom cluster ring is a perfect combination to go with the Geometric diamond bangle. It looks neat, fine and classy.

There are some wedding rings that you won’t get over, once you see them!

This ring is Set in 14kt White Gold (1.36 gms) with Diamonds (0.13 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI. It is priced like the way you would like it to be. Check it out: Bloom Cluster Ring

We have some unique and eye-grabbing designs in our diamond couple rings collection that we’d really like you to check out: https://bit.ly/2lajEYL

This blog is an inspiration for style for your next white wedding or classy affairs. This jewellery, we promise, is all you need to set trends of dressing up out there! You can get amazing discounts and designs for our wedding rings collection. For the jewellery worn by models in the banner, please browse our site here: Rockrush

Do you have any white weddings coming up in your 2019 social calendar?

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