And then out of nowhere, just like that, he jumped back into her life and surrendered his heart to her on that bloody Valentine’s Day.  He surrendered gracefully and tied them together in an undying bond forever. He put a ring on her and declared that she was the only woman in the world he had the hots for and would always have.

For a minute she didn’t say anything, thinking it was a dream and that he would disappear when she opened her eyes again. But he was there. Standing there with magical ease against the door, smiling at her, waiting for her to let go of her inhibitions and accept him back into her life.

She finally moved closer to him and asked him, “Why now, why after all this time?”

He said, “I traversed the world in the last two years and realized I love you when I accidentally called out your name in bed to another girl.”

First, she fumed and then she took his hand and walked away into the glorious night to a promising future where the world was prettier without their daunting disagreements that hurt their relationship in the past.

Aren’t Valentine’s Day gifts the most beautiful ending to a love story on every couple’s D-Day? We at Rockrush are proud to be an integral part of couples’ journeys for years and we take pride in curating our Valentine’s Day gifts jewellery for thousands of young relationships that bloom into partnerships on this blissful day.

If you’re going to propose to her or gift her something to strengthen your bond further then do it with class and honour. Show her who’s the man and with a tight grip of her hand lead your paradise with utmost sincerity, experiencing true joy on her loving face.

Here’s an exclusive preview of our Valentine’s Day gifts jewellery that will make her jump with joy and throw her arms around you. Oh, the victory you will feel being hers for good!

These are the three phases of a relationship, which one does yours fit in?

A Mayflower ring is a must:

If you’re years into the relationship with her and want to pop the question, Valentine’s Day 2019 is the perfect window of opportunity to do that. Forget the heart-shaped ring. It’s too cliché. Try the Mayflower ring as opposed to the heart shaped ring. This ring is perfect and signifies the birth of a lasting connection. Its beauty is pronounced by the open wings of the flower that blossom in the heart of love, just like your relationship. Get it for her now: Mayflower Diamond Ring

Esta for better:

Looking for red earrings? Well, white is the new red. Hear me out! If your relationship has been going steady for some time but you’re not ready for commitment yet then don’t push yourself. Just go with the flow. Make this Valentine’s Day 2019 memorable by reaching a milestone with her. Gift her these Esta diamond earrings to strengthen your bond. They are better and more enticing than any red earrings you could ever get her.  These Esta diamond earrings are our favourite. Close-knit and intricate, they voice your feelings perfectly. Get yours here: Esta Diamond Earrings


Protect “you’ll”:

Got a crush on her and she likes you too? Just getting to know her? Well if it’s just starting out then gift her this Evil eye open bracelet encrusted with diamonds. It’s a breath-taking gift and wearable every day to remind her of you. Protect the both of you with this well- intended band and see her move closer to you! What gives? Studded Evil Eye Open Bracelet

Hope we have covered all phases of relationships; we have tried to and made sure there’s an appropriate gift for each stage. Just don’t think too much. Buy her one of these tokens of love and make her yours forever!

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