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On the surface, it may look like fossilized tree resin, but Amber is one of the most-sought gemstones in the field of jewellery and antiques. The yellow of the Amber holds centuries of history as the oldest Amber found on Earth is more than 300 million years old. The older the tree is on which Amber is produced, the more valuable is the gemstone. Linked with immense courage, the stone is popularly known as the ‘soul of the tiger’ in Asian culture. The process of how amber is formed is quite mystic: while the tree absorbs sunlight, the tree excretes sap which is stored on the bark. This is the reason why the warm and bright amber carries a lot of medical and healing properties. Know more about the mystical gemstone which infuses the energy of the sun in jewellery. We bring to you quick facts about Amber which we bet you did not know!

1)    The stone gets its name from the Persian term Ambar.

2)    Amber is found in the deep forests of China, Britain, Italy, Russia, Greece, Northern Europe, Romania, United States, Canada, Myanmar and Germany.

3)    Many a time, the raw version of Amber has insects trapped inside which is believed to make amber magically powerful. Frogs, mosquitoes and bees have been spotted frequently in the raw amber sap.

4)     According to mythology, it is believed that when the son of the sun was killed, his sisters turned into a stone. Because the sisters were in deep sorrow over their brother’s death, they were continuously shedding tears. These tears are what the sap or the amber resin and thus the gemstone gets its name ‘Stone of the sun’.

5)    Amber is one of the many organic gemstones. The others are ivory, pearl, coral etc.

6)    Due to the low density, it is impossible for an amber gemstone to float on fresh water. On the other hand, the stone floats on salt water.

7)    Apart from the bright orange, the sap is found in hues of deep red, brown and sometimes even blue and green.

8)    The wearer of the amber gemstone jewellery is believed to bring good luck and ward off negative vibes.

9)    It is also known to help you face irrational fears and have a clarity of mind.

10)    Physically, the gemstone helps to relieve headaches and calms your mind to help you focus better.

With so much history attached to it, we cannot get enough of Amber, can we? Gemstone jewellery has known to benefit the wearer in more than one way. Explore the goodness of gemstone jewellery on Rockrush which also offers an array of gold and diamond ornaments online.

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