Jewellery enhances a women’s personality. It tells her story with quiet yet definite promiscuity. It sings flourishing poetry of her well-being and her strength as a woman. Jewellery is like art that defines a woman’s journey through its unique strokes of design.

Rockrush presents jewellery recommendations for every body type and how you can carry it off with panache on your New Year’s Party this season 2018!

We have curated jewellery for specific body types and kept the ensemble general so that the jewellery you pick up goes with almost anything you wear this season year-end.


This body type is typically where the figure is voluptuous from the upper body but has a relatively narrower lower body. In simple words, broad from the shoulders and chest with slim hips and legs.

The perfect jewellery for the apples is something chunky and heavy on the neck.

This unique piece from our exclusive Taj collection accentuates the apple figure where the neck piece flaunts the curves of the upper body but take away the attention from the broad shoulders and big bust.

Just wear this neck-piece or a chunky one you have with button tops and a delicate watch to complete the look.


Typically a slim body with a slimmer waist than hips and bust, this body type is what most women crave for. A-line and sketchy, Banana is a winner when it comes to jewellery.

The perfect jewellery for this body type is something delicate on the neck or long earrings that enhance their slimness.

This one’s a real beauty from our Amour collection. It’s specially crafted for those thin necks and slim bodies. This typically enhances the neckline and gives it a fuller image. Pair it with almost anything and it will make you look ravishing.


Pear shaped body types are usually slim on the upper body but curvy from the hips down. The idea to enhance the pear personality is by leaving the neckline open but drawing more attention to the earrings that glorify the lower body.

These intricate earrings are from our Geometry collection. These are broad and shaped in a way that takes away the attention from your broad lower body. Pair them with anything you wear and look outstanding. The symmetry of the box-shaped earrings align with the broad lower body and make you look proportionate.


The ideal body type of most Indian women, this one’s categorized by equal bust and hip size with a comparatively narrower waist.

The sassy loop pearl choker is the perfect jewellery for the hourglass figure. It heightens the neck and draws attention away from the broadness of the hips. Just wear this with a statement watch and you’re good to turn heads over.

Pre-order your statement pieces today and get ready to celebrate the dynamics of life and the road ahead in your life path in 2019!

We, at Rockrush, wish all of our stylish customers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a great one guys. Cheers!!

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