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The beauty of a gemstone is hidden in its dateless history and the charisma it holds in today’s time. Jade is one such gem with characteristics and aura which is hard to hide. Even when you are thrilled with the green of the gem, it holds many more secrets than what meets the eye. Jade is primarily made of two main minerals – nephrite and jadeite, nephrite being softer than the latter. Even though China leads in producing jade, the world also gets deposits of the gemstone from Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Derived from the Spanish term for ‘loin stone’,  the word ‘jade’ refers to the healing powers and curing disorders related to loins and kidneys. Apart from jewellery, jade was also used in artefacts, weapons, religious sculptures and art. The gemstone measures approximately 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale and has countless mental, physical and spiritual healing properties. Know what makes it one of the favourites among the jewellers around the world.

1)    Jade is known to help you sleep better and have positive dreams. It is recommended to keep a jade charm below your pillow at night.

2)    Known for its spiritual and healing powers, the gemstone is used a lot in China. It is believed that the gemstone represents five virtues – modesty, wisdom, courage, compassion and justice.

3)    Packed with calming properties, the one who uses jade jewellery is known to experience self-control and tranquillity in a difficult time.

4)    In terms of your health, jade helps to control your heartbeat. It also works as a natural medicine to strengthen your immune and nervous system, heart and kidney.

5)    Many people are unaware of the fact that jade comes in many more colours other than the typical green. To add to this, every colour has different healing powers. Red, yellow, lavender, white, green and black are the other natural colours in which the gemstone is found.

6)    A treat for women, the gemstone is known to help improve hair and skin quality, thereby giving you a healthy glow. Hence, jade gemstone jewellery is used widely across the world even today.

7)    Jade is not a conventional birthstone and yet is considered to be beneficial to those born in the months of April and May.

8)    Orange jade is believed to help you better your digestive system, whereas black jade holds protective properties. Wearing purple jade jewellery is believed to attract happiness and laughter.

9)    A taxi driver in Burma bought a jade stone at 23 USD and sold to a gemstone dealer for 5000 USD. The dealer further sold jade at 23000 USD to a customer. This makes it apparent that the value of jade can never be fixed and it goes on increasing over time.

10)    The Chinese use jade jewellery to attract love. The jade talisman also wards off evil vibes and hence is recommended to wear on a daily basis.

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