30 Apr 2021

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’ and what better way to party than a tasteful spring wedding. Traditional Spring weddings have pastel colours for bridesmaid dresses, cherry blossoms for decor and daffodils or peonies as the bride’s bouquet. This spring why not switch up the mood board a bit and add a few elements to capture the essence of your wedding!

Add a splash of colour
Spring weddings are dominated by pastel pinks and blues. Choose a slightly bold colour to offset the rest of the theme. Try red roses for the centerpiece or a darker nail colour to highlight your beautiful wedding ring.

Location is key
If you’re having an outdoor wedding then make the most of the lovely spring weather by choosing a quiet lawn or open space. Make sure to provide enough shade for your guests by setting up an airy tent with a place to seat everyone. 

Decor and details
There’s always something special about Spring decor which makes weddings so elegant. You could set up small baskets of flowers for your centerpiece, give out seeds in cloth pouches as party favors and even include edible flowers as part of your wedding cake, the possibilities are endless!

Subtle jewelry
Wedding jewelry is always unique and is something that stays with you forever as a reminder of your special day. Choose jewelry that is subtle and blends well with your outfit. It could be a solitaire ring with a round white diamond or a rose gold ring that matches with your pastel theme. 

We hope these tips help you plan your dream Spring wedding! Check out our collection to find the perfect jewelry for your special day.