Giddy up folks! The monsoons are here. Its time for everything to go into revival. Replace your breezy summer outfits with colourful wind breakers, your summer flip flops with some sturdy boots and no need to mention but your jewellery will need some replacement as well.

Worried? Two words, Drop Jewellery. Thats your solution right there!
Drop earrings or rings look stunning and chic and go well with almost all your outfits. Check out some of these dazzling drop shaped diamonds that will make you go wow and send you into a shopping frenzy:

  • The uber chic drop pendant with its stylish layering and diamond centre, Yes please!


  • While some people are thinking in circles. Others have mastered the art of adorning with it, Sigh!


  • And when you see this gorgeous drop shaped emerald ring surrounded by diamonds, all you want to do is click, BUY NOW.



  • They say there was a time when people used to go for pendants that were not drop shaped, looking at this Diamond Breeze Leaf Pendant we can safely say that time is behind us.


  • And what do you get when you combine all your favourite design elements in one single jewel piece? This elegant and alluring drop and leaf pendant.


  • When, investment is just an excuse to buy some heavenly gold drop pendants.


  • Nothing, just a heart-stopping, drop dead gorgeous drop diamond ring.


  • Drop diamonds before life, not just guys!


  • You know whats even better than a drop pendant? An inverted drop diamond pendant!


  • Sophies Choice would have been an even hard hitting movie if it was a choice between these totally show stopper gold and diamond studs and the exquisite drop diamond ring.


  • Our favourite kinds of earrings are the ones where you have to cover your eyes from the bling coming from the knockout flower encrusted drop diamond earrings.



  • And the beguiling ruby studded drop diamond pendant just gives a whole new perspective to life, doesnt it?



If your mood after looking at all these gorgeous drop shaped diamonds is something similar to this,


We feel you!

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