Hosting a holiday dinner? Or going to one? Dinner parties are tricky to dress for. And most importantly accessorizing the outfits gets trickier. Be it the ethnic fashion or the casual-chic style gold completes every look. Gold has always been the chosen trend be it any season. Fashion runways are lively with gold but not in the most conventional sense.

Styling gold jewellery is pretty simple if you stick to the basics and keep in minimal. With so much variety in gold jewellery online, it can get a little overwhelming to decide on the accessories. Rockrush presents you with the Gold Galore Jewellery Collection. We have designed our gold jewellery keeping individuality and free-spiritedness in mind just like you.

Scroll ahead to check out the Rockrush gold jewellery design with the different looks that you can create:

1. Classy Glam Look

Wear a solid coloured A-line dress with high stilettos. Complement with a pair of gold cocktail earrings and gold cocktail rings to highlight the simplicity of the outfit with the grandeur of the accessories. Keep the makeup nude and play-up your eyes.

Powder Puff Gold Cocktail Earrings
22kt yellow gold (10.9 gms)

Powder Puff Gold Cocktail EarringsAnemone Gold Cocktail Ring
22kt yellow gold (5.2 gms)

Anemone Gold Cocktail Ring

2. Casual Chic Look
Wear a midi dress ideally fitted with billowy sleeves and gathered waistline and in a flattering silhouette for cold-weather evening looks. Complete the attire with a diamond bracelet, gold pendant and cocktail ring. Accompanied by high heel boots and a winged eye with dewy makeup this look is all about effortless dressing coupled with a touch of glam.

Beauteous Taj Bageecha Diamond Bracelet
14kt yellow gold (3.83 gms)

Beauteous Taj Bageecha Diamond BraceletUltra Uva Gold Pendant
22kt yellow gold (10.3 gms)

Ultra Uva Gold PendantLovely Lupine Gold Flower Cocktail Ring
22kt yellow gold (6.36 gms)

Lovely Lupine Gold Flower Cocktail Ring

3. Ethnic Look
Don a pretty floral salwar suit in shades of pastels for a family dinner party. Style with a statement gold ring, gold pendant and pretty gold hoop earrings. Matte makeup and wedge heels will complete the impress the in-laws look.

Hosta Gold Cocktail Ring
22kt yellow gold (9.36 gms)

Hosta Gold Cocktail Ring

Begonia Gold Cocktail Pendant
22kt yellow gold (7.2 gms)

Begonia Gold Cocktail Pendant

Ravishing Textured Hoops
18kt yellow gold (6.51 gms)

Ravishing Textured Hoops

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