The sparkling little army of diamonds on your necklace is hard to miss. A mesmerising sight, the stones settle in the piece of jewellery with the oath of grabbing everyone’s eyeballs. The cuts and colours make sure that the gemstone jewellery is the talk of the town. You might have a mundane collection of diamonds and pearls and you might swear by it. But all white and no colour makes jewellery boring. How about adding some blues, greens and reds to the whites with Rockrush’s new Gemstone Collection? We have hand-picked a few of the best from the lot. Have a look, we promise you won’t regret it.

  • Regalia Emerald Earrings – They are classy, they are elegant and they have a concoction of yellow gold, diamonds and emeralds. These Regalia Emerald Earrings are a perfect way to ace the single-jewellery-look. On the base of yellow gold, the single green of the emerald ups the wow factor of the earrings. Save this half-studded-half-carved gemstone jewellery design to your ‘wedding collection’ before it is out of stock.
  • Royal Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring– Ah! The bliss of staring at your ring for hours is incomparable. Continue to be in your fantasy world and think of a ring with a large blue stone fixed on white gold staring back at you. Even though it seems too flawless to be true, the Royal Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring is an absolute beauty one cannot resist. This gemstone ring is made from pure metal with a sapphire embedded in the cluster of diamonds. Some wishes do come true after all!
  • Rose Quartz Halo Diamond Pendant– The pendant is aptly named after its halo finish. The pink of the gemstone is cute and brilliant in its appearance with the dangling white pearl completing the look. This Rose Quartz Halo Diamond Pendant is exactly what you need for your next cocktail party.
  • Romantic Ruby Flexible Kada– Red is love, red is passion, red is longing and red is romance. Rockrush brings a solidified version of this emotion and pours all the love in the Romantic Ruby Flexible Kada. The two hearts- one deep red made of ruby and the other with diamonds, play the cupid when you expect it the least. While buying gemstone jewellery online, make sure you hit Add to Cart on this one and rekindle the romance on your next date.
  • Pearl Chain Bracelet– A simple and delicate Pearl Chain Bracelet has never hurt the fashion police. The pearl accessory is everyday wear and is suitable to wear on Indian and Western outfits. The sturdy chain and tender pearls make for a unique gift for all ages.
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