It’s Christmas time and the entire nation is lit up. Oh! What a time to spread that festive cheer around you. The cities are full of lights, laughter and joy. Friends, families and gatherings make for the perfect ambience to celebrate the festival of gifting.

And why should you not have the best ones on Christmas? Surely, you’re playing the mad game of secret Santa with your colleagues in office and relatives and you will get what your heart desires but don’t you want to be your own Santa and go all out to treat yourself with some precious gifts of your own?

Let us in you on a special secret just for beautiful, independent women like you – “A woman wearing dainty jewellery is a woman of her words.” – Jumana

We, at Rockrush have selected the most delicate jewellery pieces for you so you can be sure to be dressed up to the nines when getting ready for that lit Christmas party.

Tour some of our best picks with us and gift yourself something special this season to define your love for yourself. ..Cause you to know “Love don’t cost a thing…” – Jennifer Lopez

Aitan Diamond Pendant:

This pendant, if worn on a plain black dress can set up some real eye-poppers on you. It’s a goddamn beautiful pendant to adorn during the festivities. It would truly bring out the festive vibe. Put on that pendant, pull your hair back, flaunt your long legs and be a total knockout this Christmas! This one’s from our ‘Religious’ collection. Check out the entire collection here: Religious Jewellery

Dainty infinity earrings:

They make for a quintessential pair to wear at the office Christmas celebrations. The infinity sign marks that your strength as a woman is celebrated with the cheer of the never-dying presence of mighty Jesus! Just like him, your power to change anything stays intact. These are from our Infinity collection. See the complete collection here: Dainty Infinity Earring

Star triplet diamond necklace:

“She who believed in the stars and the moon believed the world could be without doom” – Jumana.  It’s such an amazing vibe during this time of the year to turn all your negatives into positives. Revisit your most innocent times by adorning this pretty diamond necklace. Wear it for impromptu dinners and surprise your family by being not only your Santa but theirs too. This one’s from our Star and Moon collection. Take your pick from here: Star and Moon Jewellery

We hope you have an enjoyable time shopping with us at Rockrush. All you have to do this Christmas is wait for your jewellery delivery over any knight in shining armour inconsistency! Have a Merry Christmas everybody!!

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