Jewellery for Karwa Chauth

India is known by many and mostly for the number of festivals celebrated with great pomp and show. Karwa Chauth is one such occasion which is important to strengthen the pious bond of love between a husband and wife in India.

Karwa Chauth is a one-day celebration that falls on the fourth moon day of Hindu lunisolar month of Karthik. Karwa implies the earthen pot and Chauth implies the fourth day. It is the day where a spouse or a bride-to-be petition God for the protection and sound life of her husband by fasting till the moon rise. The fast is concluded by seeing the moon and then their dear husband through the strainer and ends when he feeds the first morsel of food.

This year, Karwa Chauth happens to be on the 27th of October. We hope that all the men would try and be ardent husbands and gift their wives some marvellous pieces of jewellery or two to add a more defined and symbolic meaning to their relationship.

Rockrush has made it simpler and has hand-picked some elegant pieces of bling for you to gift it to your dearest wife.

Mangalsutra Bracelet

It is time to add a modern twist to the traditional mangalsutra with our range of mangalsutra bracelets. They are pretty and surely hold a similar significance as the mangalsutra. Your beautiful wife would surely be happy and would have a sparkle in her eyes when you gift this wonderful diamond mangalsutra bracelet.

Gemstone Ring

Every woman loves precious gemstones and especially in a ring. So, what better than gifting your better half this emerald and diamond ring! Go old school by going down on your knees as you slide this gorgeous ring in your wife’s finger.

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are surely every woman’s best friends. Surprise your lady love with these ravishing ear studs with a hint of gold in the borders. We promise that the twinkle in her eyes after seeing these earrings would be worth a million dollars.

Pick out one that aligns with your better half’s personality and aura. Select the best for your partner from the exquisite and wide range of jewellery at Rockrush.

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