Indian history and mythology are impregnated with stories of gods and goddesses, men and women and husbands and wives. One such festival observed by Hindu women is Karwa Chauth. On this day, the wife keeps a fast from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity of their husbands and breaks her fast after watching the moon and her husband’s face. Though there are many stories of how and where the seeds of this ritual were sown, the festival is celebrated with much eagerness by the women. Karwa Chauth 2017 is going to fall on October 8th and it is about time that all the husbands in the house start thinking of what to gift their wives. While she is going to be busy preparing a wholesome and scrumptious meal for you and fast at the same time, shower her with your eternal love by giving her something she will remember forever. To make this occasion memorable, we have combined Karwa Chauth jewellery, something she will love and cherish for a lifetime.

  • Mangalsutra Bracelets:

The fashion trends always find their roots in history and traditions. Jewellery has seen a sea of change over the years and yet we swear by the quintessential ornaments. One such specimen is the holy mangalsutra, which is tied on the day of marriage. Rockrush has given it a fresh makeover by making it more stylish and convenient. These Mangalsutra bracelets make for divine Karwa Chauth Gifts. Available in many shapes, these bracelets are made in pure gold and diamonds.

  • Mangalsutra Set:

Mangalsutra is considered to be an extremely pure and significant ornament, which mirrors the holy bond between a husband and a wife. How about reviving those moments when you tied a mangalsutra around your wife’s neck on your wedding day? Gift your partner a mangalsutra set with a contemporary touch from Rockrush. The black beads, which are believed to protect the marriage from an evil eye, are combined with gold and diamonds. Pick your favourite from the modest mangalsutra design with the option of home trail available on selected designs.


Surprise your better half with Karwa Chauth jewellery which she will love. Select the best for her from Rockrush.

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