Folklore tells us a story of how, on this day, women fasted for their husbands safety as they went off to fight valiantly in war. It romanticizes the sacrifice women made for their significant others and prayed for their wellbeing. Karwa Chauth in this day and age has manifested itself in the form of women keeping daylong fasts, praying for their husbands long life and only breaking it after watching the moon out of a sieve.


Karwa Chauth is a special time in a womans life. It is her way of professing her undying love for her husband. But that doesnt mean she doesnt look glamorous while doing it. Her shringar is a very important part of the ordeal. She has to be dressed up and decked out, for what was considered a last romantic night before her husband went into war. The traditions have changed, however the legacy carries on.


Weve curated 3 looks for you to make his jaw drop 😉


You can never not look like an absolute siren in red. Look demure with a high-neck blouse and a hint of highlighter. Complete your look with your Rockrush mangalsutra and an elegant silver bangle, and knock his socks off 😉


It goes without saying, but a drape-y saree is a must-have to show 0ff those curves. A subtle Rockrush Mangalsutra paired with a cluster ring and a smokey eye will absolutely blow his mind while you peek through the sieve 😉



If you want to keep it subtle and classy, a jacket overlaid over a salwar will do the trick. Team it with some Rockrush bangles and your mangalsutra and remind him why he fell in love with you 😉



Enjoy your Karwa Chauth with bae or pull off a Simran and Raj and do it for each other.




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