It started with bright and bold baubles, the chains were never far behind and then add some vintage baroque elements to the mix of eclectic bohemian and there you have it, the latest layered necklaces trend right there in your wardrobe. The new Instagram trend that all celebs, bloggers and stylists love is not a really new one on the block. But it is the one that you should add to your style quotient right now!

Worried about getting your necklace layering, right? There is no need. By following the tips below, you can easily layer your chains and necklaces in a style that is in vogue and yet absolutely yours:


  • Size Matters:image001

We agree, we agree for everything else in life all that matters is, Heart. But when it comes to layering, the length of your necklaces and chains is the key. By this we dont mean you cannot pair two same length necklaces together or your chunky baubles with the delicate chains but its important to prevent clashing of colors and designs and that your necklaces dont get caught up in big ugly knots.



Its always better to layer necklaces of different lengths together and if you want to pair the ones similar in length, Spacers are there for the rescue, they keep your necklaces from getting all tangled up and display them in their best light.


  • Started From The Bottom:

Nopes, not exactly what Drake said but the secret behind styling your necklaces perfectly lies right in these words. There is no hard rule but starting with last or longest chain while layering your necklaces makes it super easy for you decide on your shorter ones.


  • Yes To Lariat :

Lariat necklaces are the easiest and most attractive way of adding some length and contrast to your layering. Y-shaped or bar necklaces also look great in layering.

image004 image003

  • Play With The Extremes:



Victorian necklaces with bohemian chains, chokers with long lariats, extremes look stunning when layered artistically. You can play around with extremes in lengths or design elements; but if done right it gives your outfit an edge like no one else. Like the classic infinity necklace is paired with modern evil eye chain for a look so stunning it would make heads turn everywhere.








  • All About You:

It all comes down to your personal tastes
while styling your jewellery. Every stack that you create is a reflection of your personality. Therefore adding some old heirlooms, a name pendant or a vintage necklace to your layering is the best way to ensure your neckline looks absolutely stylish and unique.

You can also personalise your jewellery with your name or a special motif, right here at Rockrush.



Did our guide help you in layering your accessories perfectly or is there an extra style element that you use? Do let us know in the section below.

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