The state of Uttar Pradesh wakes up to excited murmurs and stacks of colour sacks ready to be used. Every year, the cities of Mathura and Vrindavan start their Holi celebrations early as compared to the rest of India,  the festival of colours which needs no introduction. To commemorate the arrival of spring, Holi festival is divided into two parts – the first night is known as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi and the next day is Ranga Wali Holi. The occasion is primarily based on two mythological stories. One depicting the story of King Hiranyakashapu and his son Pralhad and the second one showing the eternal love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Traditionally, each colour used in Holi is made organically using flowers etc. and represents a different meaning. This year, Rockrush brings to you a Holi with a twist by infusing the age-old colours in our jewellery, thereby keeping the festival colourful. Let’s take a look at how each colour is important and how the gemstone jewellery brings the festival to life.


1)    Green

Green represents the arrival of spring and is associated with fertility and new beginnings. The Chichi Alpana Diamond Earrings capture the essence of this hue and are bound to colour you green this Holi.

2)    Red

The most passionate colour carries strong energy within itself. The ‘Gulal’ or the red colour is usually made by crushing jasmine flowers and making a powder out of it. The deep red of Blissful Rangoli Diamond Earrings brings to you the love and intensity of the festival.

3)    Violet

The Violet Charm Diamond Ring is all about elegance and royalty. Likewise, the Holi festival has an underlying devotion and is magnificent in terms of celebrating it.

4)    Blue

The colour of the sky, the ocean and Lord Krishna himself, blue is believed to inherit calming properties. The aura of the hue is soothing to the senses and is associated with wisdom and intelligence. Take a pick of festival jewellery from Pisces Birthstone Diamond Bracelet and Voguish Rangoli Diamond Earrings – both having different shades of blue.

5)     Yellow

The bright yellow resonates positivity and optimism and is definitely worth putting some on your skin and in your jewellery. The Olive Leaf On Stone Earrings depicts the spring season which is also the essence of Holi. This colourful jewellery can be purchased online from the Gemstone collection at Rockrush.


The colourful jewellery is bound to add a great amount of excitement to the festivities. While you start your preparations, browse through the Holi jewellery at Rockrush. We wish you all a colourful and happy Holi!

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