By gone are the days when, Less was more and More was terrible. In the era of high fashion, More is definitely the new Wonderful. Therefore, stacking your accessories together is definitely a great idea.

Stacking; this unique fashion trend is an amazing way of showing off your accessories and jazzing up your outfits. It may seem a little tricky to choose the correct accessories and the correct way to stack them but just keep in mind the few tips and ideas mentioned below and you will be ready to dazzle away everyday with your unique style:

  • Chains:

Stacking delicate chains together is a sure shot way to a chic and gorgeous style. Although chunky neckpieces and chokers look amazing together but if not done carefully, it can make you look sloppy and your accessories clunky. With chains you are figuratively and literally golden. Try stacking chains that have different details to them. Chains of different lengths stacked together are an elegance that will never go out of style.


  • Pendants:

You can never go wrong with pendants! Try mounting your favourite ones in chains of different lengths or stack them up in a single string, they look stunning anyway.



There is only one tenet to keep in mind while stacking bracelets, the more the merrier! Any kinds or colors of bracelets look great together. Pile them right up to your elbow. You may feel a pearl band may look gawky next to a rose gold band, you couldnt be gladder to be more wrong. Contrasting types of bracelets balance each other out and is a trend you should try out right now.



  • Rings:

When it comes to stacking, rings are the easiest to work with and look wonderfully stylish. They are easy to pull off and compliment all dresses. Then what more could you possibly need to start with the stacking!


Every stack you create would be unique because it is your own novel idea. You can mix different textures and colors and pair your chic new rings with older vintage looking ones. Dont forget to juxtapose by keeping the finger next to your stacked one empty.

You can also create a memorabilia by your accessories too. Just pair all your precious and momentous rings like your engagement ring etc. together to create an exclusive stack. Remember the more precious the better 😉

Unleash your creativity and start piling your favourite accessories together, no rules barred and tell us your personal stacking style in the section below.

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