happy friendship's day

Friendship’s Day – The day when you tie a friendship band around your friends’ wrist and make a promise to stick beside each other no matter what. As we grow up we tend to stick by those near and dear ones or the ones who choose to stick by us no matter what. These people are none other than your friends. Friends are the family you choose, the people you choose to grow with and nourish your relationship with.

A good friend is someone who shared his and her tiffin or food back then when you were kids and now someone who shares great life advice as an adult. These friends who choose to stay with you until the end deserve the world, don’t they? They’ve seen all your joys and sorrows and the crazy side of you and are yet putting up with you.

This Friendship’s day why not thank these special souls just for existing? Share the joy of giving and sharing. Gift them something that is eternal as a symbol of your true friendship.

Here are several ways which you can share the joy of giving this Friendship’s day.

Friendship Bracelet            

Gone are those days when we gave a friendship band, it’s the era of friendship day bracelets. It is just a better and evolved version of our silly yet cute friendship bands. This is a perfect option if you two are literal opposites of each other but together are an unbreakable team, just like the diamonds studded in this gold bracelet!

bracelet for best friend

The twin best friend ring                                                      

Is your friend the Chandler to your Joey or Rachel to your Monica?  Well, then this ring is the perfect pick for your twin game to go strong. The two infinity diamond studded symbols signify the two of you and the infinite amount of love you have for one another. Go get this best friend ring and make a promise.

best friend infinity ring

Besties to sweethearts

Every heard someone say ‘Love is friendship’? If you and your significant other are friends first and lovers later (just like Aditi and Jay from ‘ Jane Tu Ya Jane Na’) then this couple ring or the boyfriend/girlfriend ring is the perfect buy for you. These rings are exact copies of each other with just some extra bandwidth for the guy’s ring. The rings are cliché but will hold a deep significance for the two of you.

ring for boyfriend on friendship's dayring for girlfriend on friendship's day

Heart to heart

Is your best friend the one who shields your or vice versa? This heart loop best friend pendant is the right choice then as one heart protects another one. Get a similar best friend pendant and change the colour of gold as the two of you desire.

pendant for best friend


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