We all have celebrated 8th of March as International Women’s Day over the years. When we trace the motto of bringing in such a day, it is clear that back in the 90s, the community came up with a thought to cherish gender parity. In the time when feminism is making rounds in our day to day conversation, it is only right that we recognize women for what they are rather than anything else.  We read books and watch movies which portray women in different shades. They often become our shadows upon which we build our thoughts or shape ourselves. In between all this chaos, one thing that stays constant is how true you are to yourself. To recall how complete you are as a woman and as a human being, we give you quick motivation with Rockrush’s Quotes Collection. Make the most of women’s day 2018 by wearing jewellery which speaks your language.

  • No dream is big or small. Want to rule the world? We don’t see anyone stopping you, girl!
  • The best person who knows you the most is the one you see in the mirror. You’ve got to keep faith in yourself and in others to achieve everything on your radar.
  • Break the shackles and set yourself free with this Freedom Gold Necklace.
  • You are the muse. You are the personification of your own achievements. With so many things to accomplish, you will definitely be in need of some inspiration. Instead of looking outside, be one.
  • You are not the one to wait for someone to bring in a change, are you? You prefer to get to work yourself rather than waiting for permissions. The road might seem difficult, but the rewards are satisfying.
  • Things will keep happening. Letting go of the past is the best decision possible. As they say, it is never too late to make today the greatest day of your life!
  • Ahh! The mantra we abide by. We stick to our guts while the walls crash around us. Giving up was never an option and will never be. All this because we have one chance to do everything we want.

To all the women out there, we feel you and are so proud of each one of you. From being a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife to giving a tough competition at work, you are the only one who can juggle so many roles. Rockrush pays a tribute to all such superwomen – you all are our inspiration. This International Women’s Day, keep your shine on with our exclusive quotes collection and tell us which one inspires you the most.

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