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We are living in a time where being a feminist gives you an upper hand. The expectations of abiding by the norms of the society are scattered and confusing and the pressure to be in the herd is damn too high. Amidst the many incidents of injustice towards women, there are unsung heroes who hold their ground and always do the ‘right thing’ rather than the ‘expected thing’.

Look around and you will realize that there are many men who work towards their goal, look after their family and lead a simple life. Not every man gives a boorish look while passing by a woman. Not every man is a fan of catcalls. Not every male boss thinks that he owns his women colleagues. In fact, they are the ones who will stop the foolish behaviour and stand by you.

As a woman, I have always thought that it was a privilege to grow in a family where men always seem to do the fair thing. Once, the conversation flowed from how it is a great time for women as they are accepting themselves wholly to how the few good men do not get their due and easily get stereotyped. On this, the men in the group immediately opined something like this: We don’t want to be better than women or rule them. For us, feminism is both sexes getting equal treatment. If we allow women to sit on a crowded bus, we expect a woman to give her seat to an aged man. One can very much put things in perspective with this single thought. If it is difficult to be a woman, try being a man who chooses to live his life with dignity.

International Mens Day is a gentle reminder to make a toast to all the gentlemen in the house. The little things they do for us, which may go unnoticed, but do not stop them from doing them. They continue to make efforts to help you with your goals. No matter how protective they are, we love them unconditionally. Indeed, we women will never know what it takes to be a man.

International Mens Day, celebrated on the 19th of November, is a great opportunity to thank all the anonymous champions in your life. Rockrush salutes all such men and brings a series of gifts to match their stature.

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The world always saw discrimination between the two genders. Separate the crooked men from the plethora of the able men on #internationalmensday with Rockrush by showing them some love with jewellery for men collection.

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