Everyone deserves to sparkle. Diamonds are priceless and enchant every presence in them. Keeping this in mind, we, at Rockrush have come up with the most irresistible offer of up to 30% off on all rocks!

Choose from our wide range of diamond jewellery online from diamond necklaces to diamond bracelets and diamond rings and so much more on offer this season to kick start the year on a grand note.

Brilliance in craftsmanship on all our pieces delivers the highest quality of carats and cuts. Gorgeous designs that will take your breath away will leave you spoiled for choice.

We have an array of diamond jewellery online both in contemporary and traditional designs for men and women and guaranteed product quality.

Diamonds have always been aspirational but not anymore as Rockrush goes on a blockbuster sale of upto 30% off on all its diamond jewellery online.

Diamond Necklace:


Meet the Motley diamond necklace with its intricate diamond design and neat integration of pearls and diamonds strung together to give you the most affable look guaranteed. With 14kt purity and metal colour being yellow with length up to 16 inches, this diamond necklace is slated to grab eyeballs wherever you may choose to flaunt it. But it here: Motley Diamond Pearl Necklace

Diamond Mangalsutra:

On a flat 20% off, this braided beauty diamond mangalsutra is not only magnificent, you save almost INR 6000 on it. With 18kt purity and 16 inches in length, this diamond mangalsutra is all you need to proclaim your undying love to your wife. You can buy it here: Braided Beauty Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Rings For Men:

A sophisticated diamond rings for men, this Alex enamel diamond ring for him is simply outstanding. Contemporary and chic, this diamond ring for men is designed for the stud who will carry it off with panache. This diamond ring for men purity is of 14kt and you save almost INR 4000 on it. Get it for him here: Alex Enamel Diamond Ring For Him

Diamond Rings For Women:

This stunning diamond rings for women, with its cluster bringing together the ethnicity of modern and traditional mix topped with 14kt diamond, evokes an expression of taste and graceful humility. This diamond cluster filigree ring for women is an outcome of modern and independent women of our nation! Order yours now: Diamond Cluster Filigree Ring

Diamond Bracelet:

A sustainable classic diamond bracelet, the Sero cube diamond bracelet is a staple of must-have jewellery. This diamond bracelet from Rockrush has a bracelet length of 5.5 and its purity stands at 14kt with the metal colour being yellow. It’s at a flat 15% off! Order yours here: Sero Cube Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Nose Ring:

Created for everyday wear, this gorgeous diamond nose ring is all set to enhance your features in the most delicate way possible. With 18kt purity and at a 15% discount, this one diamond nose ring is a steal! Make an informed decision: Nitza Diamond Nose Pin

Make the most of this offer from Rockrush ladies and gentlemen as it’s for a limited period only! Happy diamond shopping…

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