This goes out to all the strong, independent, emotionally vulnerable women out there who have their shit together despite demanding circumstances in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

These are women who caffeinate in the mornings and travel lengths to work and accomplish targets as well as find the time to be terrific mothers who nurture their kids with healthy values.

This one’s for women who enjoy the tranquility life offers in small moments of happiness like not meeting the traffic on their way to meetings, sneaking bites of cake from their colleagues because, well, they are always trying to lose weight 😉

This blog salutes women who put their family’s wants and needs before theirs and are tolerant of biases when compared to men. Who still create their own place and maintain their dignity in the face of adversities.

This International Women’s Day, Rockrush celebrates the power of women who know, who just know. Well, you don’t know because you are not a woman, but women know they just know!

We want dynamic women like you to truly enjoy this special day because you are that special. We see you struggle, hide your tears, stand up tall and go with the flow. We want for you to treat yourself on this day. You deserve it! That’s why we present to you a special collection of hoops for women like you who are always in the loop. 🙂

Check out these earrings for women!

These Cassinis Diamond Hoops our first in our curation because they look absolutely gorgeous. Set in 14kt Yellow Gold (5.75 gms) with Diamonds (0.43 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI. At a straight 30% off, don’t think twice before you go out and celebrate your day with your girl gang with these beauties on!

Then on our list are these empress of rose gardens – The Majestic Mughals Diamond Hoops with intricate detailing that compel their beauty to become a part of your personality. Set in 14kt Yellow Gold (8.47 gms) with Diamonds (0.416 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI and at an irresistible discount, these will go before you know it so makes them yours before anyone else does!

Women who are still and will always be our girls, these Weaves Of Gold Diamond Hoops are so special to us and we hope you have the eye for this kind of majestic beauty. Set in 14kt Yellow Gold (10.34 gms) with Diamonds (0.368 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI and at a discount, you just gotta have these. You’ll notice how they complement your OOTD that day.

Treat yourselves, women! Check out the entire collection of Chand Bali Earrings.

It’s your day, the world is celebrating you. Just don your favourite outfit, pair them with these amazing hoops and get rolling on the dance floor. Happy Women’s Day darlings!

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