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Eilleen Diamond Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Eilleen Diamond Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 27,871
Rs 46,45140%
Panna Diamond Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Panna Diamond Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 34,927
Rs 58,21140%
Gold Twirl Coral Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Gold Twirl Coral Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 11,087
Elegant Two-Tone Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Elegant Two-Tone Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 15,374
Rs 20,49925%
Sparkling Droplet Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Sparkling Droplet Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 16,617
Rs 23,73930%

Gemstone Mangalsutra

The origin of the mangalsutra dates back to the 6th Century A.D, the purpose of which remains the same till date. The designs, however, have changed meaning and poise drastically. In today's day and age, designs are given as much importance as the product itself. The meaning of mangal which is suspicious and sutra, another word for 'string' is the exact description of the piece of jewellery; an auspicious thread, which is why it began its journey as a thread that women tied around their neck.

Today mangalsutras are designed not just to be worn around the neck but the wrist, fingers and earrings as well. One such development has been in the use of the material in mangalsutra pendants. For a long time we have stuck to the usual gold and diamond mangalsutra pendant designs, today let's move a notch to the gemstone mangalsutra.

Gemstone Mangalsutra Designs

Gemstone mangalsutra designs are usually a mix of diamond and gemstones, the gems acting as a pop of colour to match with your clothes. Now, why would you wish to wear the same old design when you can change your jewellery to match with your clothes? Gemstone mangalsutra design offers you the chance to change this notion that mangalsutras need to be plain gold and diamonds only. Gemstone mangalsutra for women make for beautiful neckpieces designed in ruby, emerald, sapphires and of course, can be experimented with a hoard of other gemstones of your choice.

With the use of colour, these neckpieces turn into novel pieces of unique masterpieces that you would not be able to take your eye off of.

Buy Gemstone Mangalsutra Online

The significance of gemstone jewellery is known to most as gemstones are considered to affect planets and enhance their effects on us. The use of precious and semi-precious gemstones add more value to an already auspicious piece of jewellery.

Gemstones like pearl, ruby, emerald, sapphire, coral etc. are some of the popular gemstones in this regard. Gemstone mangalsutra can also work amazingly for those who prefer wearing their birthstones, with fancy cut gemstones and a million options to work with birthstone mangalsutras seem to have quite the appeal. Not only does it make a bold statement, but it also brings a little extra 'you' in your married life.

Gemstone Mangalsutra Price

You can buy gemstone mangalsutra online in a variety of designs, starting with mangalsutra pendants or in other words tanmaniya, bracelets, rings, bangles and a whole lot. The basic black beads that make a mangalsutra what it is part of the jewellery, but with these options, you can always customise how many or how less you want them.

In today's day and age, women prefer to shop for jewellery that can be worn with most of their clothes, and are rather particular especially when it comes to wearing ethnic designs like a mangalsutra with western clothing. Spoils the look doesn’t it? Well, these don't. With gemstone mangalsutra prices starting as low as Rs. 10,000/- approx. it is not something to worry about much.

So go on and indulge, make your marriage a little more colourful.