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Classic Pendants

Classic, the word itself exudes something of high quality and of outstanding nature, one of a kind yet not making a loud statement; classy, typical, maybe even vintage. A classic pendants is just one of those, a beautiful piece of jewellery which is made special not only by the design and versatility to be worn ages later and still look as beautiful then as it does today but also in the story attached to it. A classic pendants can be a gift to someone, to oneself, an heirloom, a memory, none of which is bereft of moments and a unique story to tell with it.

Classic Diamond Pendant

A classic diamond pendant is a one of a kind jewellery piece that never loses its charm in spite of the changing world of fashion. A classic piece of jewellery meant to beautify you and compliment your look at any occasion, any age and any attire. A crisp solitaire pendant design is an example of classic pendants. Of course, the designs can differ, ranging from subtle to elaborate, from big to small, to affordable as well as expensive. If diamonds are your thing, then it is quite easy to select a classic design for yourself or for someone else, as diamond exudes more class and poise than gold or gemstone designs.

Gold Classic Pendant

Gold Classic Pendant designs are a slightly different range of jewellery from the diamond pendants, simply due to the fact that gold pendants in India have been used far longer than diamonds. Which is why the word classic has a slightly different meaning when it comes to the designs of gold classic pendants. These pendant designs are not only simple and less elaborate, but it may have an extra element like engraving, a locket design in the shape of a heart instead of a heart-shaped pendant that gives them more meaning.

A classic design can also be something that everyone would love at the first go, something you would not need to ponder over much before buying. An easy choice, so to speak.

Buy Classic Pendants Online

You can buy classic pendants online here starting at INR 5,500/- approx. The designs are available in both gold and diamond and can be customized for gold quality, diamond quality and gold colour. There are about 200+ designs to select from with options like Hamsa Hand pendants, gemstone options, pearl pendant options, engravings, cutwork etc.

All products at Rockrush come with a BIS Hallmarking and are certified by some of the worldโ€™s most renowned laboratories for diamond and gemstone. Not just this, for your convenience, we also have COD options, 30 Day Returns Policy in case you change your mind and a lifetime exchange policy for those who like to recycle designs every few years.