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Gold Pattern Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Gold Pattern Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 12,935
Roped Two Tone Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Roped Two Tone Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 24,221
Gallant Gold Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Gallant Gold Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 9,874
Treble Clef Modern Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Treble Clef Modern Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 8,801
Protective Knot Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Protective Knot Mangalsutra by Rockrush
Rs 21,051

Gold Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra culture is said to have originated in South India, the traditional design was a yellow silk or cotton thread tied into three knots using turmeric. A traditional still prevalent in Southern India. This thread had a gold pendant called the โ€˜Thaali.โ€™ As we moved north, this culture underwent a complete transformation. The only thing that remains intact is the austerity of gold as the desired metal for the gold mangalsutra. Gold already being an auspicious metal for Indians, it is not a surprise that a huge part of India prefers gold to diamond when it comes to shopping for a product such as the mangalsutra.

Gold Mangalsutra For Women

The beauty of the Indian Gold Mangalsutra is the diversity in design based on the various states and cultures it comes from. Every state in India has a unique look of mangalsutra design gold. Here we will explore the various forms of the traditional holy thread of matrimony.

South Indian Style โ€“ The Thaali as already mentioned above is a gold pendant that can come in various styles, they can be images of deities and Goddesses or Hindu Gods, but usually, it is a flat piece of a gold metal strip with the symbolic design of sun, moon, shivling, feather etc.

Andhra Style โ€“ The Bottu is a typical Andhra Pradesh style mangalsutra pendant that looks like a disc or coin. This tyle is sported not just by Hindus but all cultures in the state.

Maharashtrian Style โ€“ The Vati gold mangalsutra for women is the most famous style among Maharashtrians. This style has two tiny bowls like designs with a mandatory black bead chain. Every 9 bead is separated by 2 golden beads.

Karnataka Style โ€“ Also known as Maangalya โ€“ sutra, this design is similar to the Maharashtrian design but additionally has coral beads, pearls and semi-precious stones along with black beads.

Latest Gold Mangalsutra

The latest mangalsutra designs include layered chains, lariats, bracelets, rings and have a resemblance to an unconventional necklace, chain and pendant designs with the minimal use of black beads so that it is easier for women to wear them with western wear and to workplaces.

Gold Mangalsutra Price

You can find gold mangalsutra online starting at INR 5000/- only. The gold mangalsutra price at Rockrush is below 10k that includes modern and contemporary stylized gold jewellery mangalsutra.

Buy Gold Mangalsutra Online

To buy gold mangalsutra online you need to step into our website and find the gold jewellery of your dreams. Our customization and personalization options make it easier for you to design the product of your dreams. Gold Mangalsutra Online Shopping is the new retail, where you can find more options, returns, cash on delivery, certification and hallmarking that make it way easier to shop from the comfort of your home rather than venturing out from one shop to another failing to find the product you really wish to own.