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The Sakura Cut

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About Sakura Cut

Nestled in the midst of this perfectly cut diamond are facets never seen before Meet “The Sakura Cut”, a special 77 facet cut to represent blooming petals of the famous Japanese cherry blossom.

The sakura has historically been a strong symbol for the Japanese people, alluding to the nature of time and beauty in their culture. The symbolism encompasses the celebration of life’s moments as eternal. The concept of the cherry blossom preaches capturing those precious memories one experiences and living them to the fullest, though few in number over our lifetime. It also encourages every human to adopt the discipline of positivity and experiencing everyday like it’s our last - doing what we truly want and believe in.

Sakura Product

The ower in itself refers to the untouched beauty of nature in our artistic history. Meld that with the technical diculty of carving it a lab-grown diamond, and you have a piece that is riddled with complexity, but in its essence, is so very simple to admire.

The Sakura Cut aims to replicate the symmetry of a ower in bloom, on a three-dimensional canvas. For a symbol as old as time showcased in a distinctively modern manner of crafting it, Rockrush has patented this as one of our signature cuts.

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