24 Jun 2021

4 Easy Ways to Care for Your Diamonds

4 Easy Ways to Care for Your Diamonds

Bling 101: 4 Easy Ways to Care for Your Diamonds

Diamonds are definitely forever but they’ll look even better for an eternity if they have regular upkeep. Yes, your diamonds need the occasional polish as well! Here’s a comprehensive guide on the what’s and how’s of maintaining your lab-grown diamonds. 

Shinier Than a Penny 

Diamonds are meant to be cleaned but extremely carefully and in the proper manner. Soak your diamond in some warm water for a few minutes, get some mild soap and scrub the diamond gently with a soft toothbrush. After you’re satisfied with the cleanse, dry them off with some lint-free towels to restore it’s initial shine! Make sure NOT to use any chemicals as they may erode the diamond or the metal it's cased in. 

Hands Off! 

We know how hard it is not to admire the diamond you’re wearing, especially when other people want to see how it looks on them as well. However, constant touching of a diamond transfers all of your hand’s oil, sweat, grime and dirt. This often causes a diamond to lose its luster. A diamond also doesn’t respond well to lotions, deodorants, or hairsprays. While a diamond can repel water, it may not be able to withstand a chemical reaction.

NSFW: Not Safe For Wearing...At ALL Times

As much as current trends show diamond jewelry as easygoing, dailywear, traditionally, a diamond is not meant to be worn every single day. We definitely encourage diamonds to be worn occasionally, but the longer it’s exposed to the hustle and bustle of daily life, the faster it loses its shine. 

Lock ‘Em Up

To preserve the integrity of a diamond, it must be stored carefully. The easiest way to do that is to keep the cushioned box diamond jewelry often comes in and return the diamond back to the box after every wear. This ensures it’s not against any hard surface and it’s air-tight, reducing the risk of sun or air exposure. 

There are definitely more steps one can take to preserve their bling, but these are the four most basic measures anyone can take to make sure their diamonds stand the test of time. These ways have worked miracles through the years as diamonds have often been passed down from generation to generation! 

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