360° ViewLab Grown Diamond ViewInteract with up to 40x zoom & 360 degrees HD Video

TDL Diamond
  • Not every lab grown diamond sold online is good enough to be shown with such transparency.
  • Every lab grown diamond on ROCKRUSH is videographed with 40x or greater magnification in 360° so you can truly understand the lab grown diamond's beauty, shape, cut, color, clarity and sparkle like never before.
  • This is the most vivid 360° lab grown diamond video viewing experience in the world.
  • Don't settle for uncertainty - See actual lab grown diamonds in 360° video!

A Grading Certificate is Not Enough

A grading certificate can only map and grade a lab grown diamond's inclusions - it cannot convey how the inclusions affect the beauty and value of the lab grown diamond.

Relying on a certificate alone is settling for uncertainty. See the actual lab grown diamond in 360° and buy with confidence.

A Grading Certificate is Not Enough


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All our lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced, lab-grown, & conflict-free