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Lab Grown Diamonds FAQ's


Lab-grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using technology that duplicates the conditions in which diamonds naturally form under the Earth's crust. they are chemically, optically and atomically identical to mined diamonds except witha different origin story. We've replaced the mines with machines.

No, you cannot tell a lab-grown diamond from a mined diamond by merely looking at it. They are identical in every way and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory. .

100%! Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds feature the same optical, physical and chemical properties. They are graded at the same standards of a mined diamond and also share the same refractive, dispersion, and hardness index.

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and leave a tiny ecological footprint. By growing diamonds, much of the pollutants that are associated with mined diamonds are forgone. Lab Grown Diamonds can save the world 5000+ pounds of trash, 55000+ grams of emissions, 120+ gallons of water, 90+ square feet of land mined for the equal carats. 

There are many reasons to purchase a lab-grown diamond! Not only are they conflict free, but they are also eco-friendly. Compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are far more affordable as they do not incur labour costs associated with mining, not to mention the middle men.

As a leader in the lab-grown diamond industry, we offer the most exceptional selection of lab-created diamonds sourced locally within Hong Kong.

Yes, they do! Because these are real diamonds, grown with pure crystallised carbon. Lab-created diamonds will pass all tests used to authentic diamonds.

ROCKRUSH not only wanted to make diamonds more accessible, but we also wanted to make them affordable and entirely conflict-free. Therefore, we do not sell any mined diamonds that may negatively impact our communities, society or our earth.


Setting FAQ's


We proudly handcraft all of our settings by hand in China. As a Hong Kong-based brand, we keep craftsmanship close to home and exclusively work with select artisans that have decades of experience in crafting.

Yes, all our setting are solid metal. additionally to keep mining to a minimum, we recycle 14k gold, 18k gold, palladium, and platinum. This ensures the smallest amount of impact and stunning jewelry at it's finest.

We offer great warranty coverage on all lab-grown diamonds; however, we currently do not have a warranty on the mounting itself. Jewellers that provide this kind of warranty often require you to bring your rings in for maintenance every 6 months. As we are a web-based shop, this would require you to ship your jewelry to use twice a year, which would incur high fees on your part. We offer all our repairs at cost and have found our customers save far more by just sending their jewelry to us when maintenance is needed.

Should there be any manufacturing defects on our settings, we will cover all the costs associated with the repair or remake, plus we will reimburse you for any shipping fees paid. We also offer free cleaning services as well as free center/side stone tightening at any time, the only cost you'll have to cover is shipping. Other repairs, such as accenting stone replacement, resizing, polishing, prong repair, etc. have expenses associated with them.

All our accenting lab grown diamonds are D - F colour VVS to VS in clarity


Payments FAQ's


When we sell diamonds, you buy directly from us. We only sell IGI & GIA certified diamonds, so you can be sure what you see is what you get. We also welcome you to our showroom; you have the chance to inspect the diamond yourself in Hong Kong at your convenience. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase during the inspection, you can choose to apply the amount paid towards another diamond, or receive a full refund.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and bank wire transfer to reserve your diamond of choice.

At collection, you can use any of the above methods to settle the balance, or you can pay by cash in the following currencies: Hong Kong dollars.


Collections FAQ's


We'll send you an order confirmation email with a collection date. You can collect your diamond within 14 calendar days of the specified date. If your diamond is uncollected after 14 calendar days, we will be happy to apply your initial deposit, less a storage and insurance fee of 1.5% per month of the value of the purchase, towards another diamond of equal or higher value.

Yes, we can ship your diamond to you. Please note, before shipments can be made, customers must provide full payment plus shipping and insurance charges. You can contact our customer service executives on +852 56641228 or [email protected] for further details.

Please note all local customs and import duties will have to be paid by the customer once the products arrive in your country. Your local authorities will contact you in order to settle this payment if required by the local laws of the country the products are being imported into. If needed we will provide additional documents that are required for a successful import into your country.

For any other questions or feedback, please contact our customer service executives on +852 5641228 or [email protected].


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All our lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced, Lab Grown, & conflict-free