24 Aug 2021

Author's Collection

Author's Collection

Author's Collection

An age-old translation of art, a way to form magic from the usage of something as simple as language. Writers have often been commended for being able to do the impossible - create something magical from almost nothing. 
We pay homage to some of history’s finest authors with a specially curated collection, at Rockrush Jewelry. Inspired by the greatest of the great, here is our Author’s Collection.


The Orwell Band 

Eric Blaire, popularly known by his pen-name George Orwell, set precedence for open speech about democratic socialism in English literature all through the 1900’s. His most famous work, Animal Farm, is a commentary on societal roles and the intrinsic discrimination that comes with class differenciation. 
The Orwell Band is a representation of his strong prose - a diamond-less, bold 14k white gold ring, with a matte ridge running between the shiny surface. Find it here!

The Riordan Necklace 

Richard Riordan has become a household name for the teen mythological genre in the modern novel era. Famous for his hit series “Percy Jackson”, his writing is nothing short of mystical!
The Riordan Necklace embodies that magical spirit by being a super unconventional, yet minimal style statement. Take a look at this incomplete triangle, carrying a round lab-grown diamond, finished in 14k gold! Find it here!

The Wodehouse Earrings 

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, PG Wodehouse for short, was the 20th century pioneer for being a humorist in everything he wrote. With comic fiction and underlying wit being a strong characteristic in his famous works like “The Inimitable Jeeves” and “The Code of the Woosters”.
Our Wodehouse Earrings are a definite classic - just like him! A chic lab-grown diamond drop design that is traditionally beautiful, with a modern touch of a 14k gold band circling it. Find it here!

The Charlotte Ring 

The ever famous Ms. Bronte! Being one of the only Bronte sisters who made it to adulthood, Charlotte became a pioneer in women’s literature by publishing Jane Eyre, a book that was definitely a class apart for its time. 
Much like herself, The Charlotte Ring is elegant and poised, crafted with the blueprint of the modern woman. With an intertwining band and a statement center, the 14k white gold band is encrusted with 85 lab-grown diamonds of varying sizes. Find it here!

The Blyton Ring 

Ending our collection with everyone’s childhood favourite is Enid Blyton. Blyton was responsible for countless fictional tales that wove the imagination of young readers from the 1930’s. Still known for her genius writing, we commemorate her in 2021 with our gorgeous Blyton Ring.
She’s a three-tiered beauty, with 240 lab-grown diamonds set in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold. We definitely recommend her for a glam night out! Find it here!

Our jewelry at Rockrush aims at inspiring and making you fall in love with the beauty of art, literature, and lab-grown diamonds. Shop from our extensive collections today, only on our website!