06 Apr 2021

Five Fun Proposal Ideas

 Five Fun Proposal Ideas

 Five Fun Proposal Ideas

Knowing that you’re ready to pop the question is probably one of the most relieving and stressful moments of your life! You’ve narrowed down the person you want to wake up next to every day, now you just have to narrow down how you’re going to ask them. 

We all know and love the cliches that movies have propagated over the years - the dimly lit candle light dinner versus the grand gestures that include a flash mob, a hot air balloon or both!
Our list of fun proposal ideas is out of the box, romantic as heck and personable to the bond you have with your partner. 

Hunt for love: What’s better than a day of fun and games that will end up in an engagement? Planning a scavenger hunt of all the places you share special moments in is a fool-proof proposal idea. More often than not, authorities of certain restaurants and public places would be more than happy to cooperate with your plans and will definitely play along by giving your partner the clues they need to solve. Involve all your loved ones and we suggest to end with the biggest reveal in the place most special to you! 

On the silver screen: Take your partner’s favourite movie and attempt to recreate their favourite part of it. A lot of budding animators and editors all over the world would be glad to work on this with you! If you want to go big, rent out a theatre and have your friends and family act like random people attending a screening. If you prefer something more personal, screen it at home and pop the question in solidarity. Whatever you choose, make sure you sweep them off their feet!

Sent from the heavens: What is love if it isn’t said in the most over-the-top way? Hire a skywriter and have them spell out the words “will you marry me?” with their name or something personalized. Your partner (and a couple hundred others) can experience the love you have for them! 

Extra, extra - read all about it: If your partner is a morning newspaper kind of person, this is perfect! Pick out a spot in the newspaper that is typically reserved for ads and craft a gimmicky-product sale looking advertisement which, when you look closely and read, will actually be a proposal! It’s grand, customized and special all at the same time. 

Love is just a click away: Craft an entire webpage that details your entire relationship - from the second you saw them to the current time. Include quirky pop-ups, inside jokes, anything and everything that is personal to you and your relationship. Technology can be used in so many ways! 

Whether you’ve just realized you want to spend your life with someone or you’ve been circling the drain trying to figure out how to tell them, don’t worry. If you’re sure, then they definitely will be! Choose from our variety of stunning collections of engagement rings to find the one perfect for you and your partner to celebrate your love with. Check out our website for more!