15 Oct 2021

Five Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Five Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Five Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Cultures from across the world have one thing in common - a belief that marriage is sacred and must be accompanied by certain ceremonies to ensure the newly-wed couple’s happiness and unity. Marriage is a huge part of our lives and the act of choosing a partner to spend the rest of your days with is no small task.

In Romania, it is custom for friends and family to ‘kidnap’ the bride before her wedding. In this act of role-playing, the groom must pay a ransom for the release of his bride-to-be. The ransom need not be money itself, but may also include romantic gestures or something as simple as agreeing to fill her glass of champagne. 

South Korea
The South Koreans have an innovative way of preparing the groom for the avalanche of responsibilities that come with the act of marriage and subsequent married life. It is tradition here to beat the groom’s feet with bamboo sticks and dead fish. Symbolically, feet that have endured pain and difficulty are better equipped to travel difficult paths without complaint. 

Ever heard of a human carpet? Well, it’s exactly what the name suggests. In French Polynesia, the bride and groom are made to replace their regular go-to red carpet shenanigans with a carpet made of the bride and groom’s close friends and family. Talk about stepping on the backs of others to get where you want to go!

Picture this - you’re dressed up and ready for the night of your wedding, a major milestone in your life. As you walk out, you realize your shoes are missing. No, this wasn’t an accident! In India, it is custom for the groom’s shoes to be stolen by the bride’s relatives. These shoes are then ransomed, and the groom must pay to have them returned. 

Want a customary dance with the bride-to-be? In Cuba, this comes at a cost, quite literally. Every man who dances with the bride must pin money onto her dress. This is the equivalent of a go-fund-me for the newlywed couple’s wedding and honeymoon celebrations.

These are just five out of numerous unique wedding traditions of people across the world. It is exciting to observe how, depending upon where you are born, the process of marriage ceremonies vary greatly. 

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