29 Apr 2021

How To Style A Diamond

How To Style A Diamond
How To Style A Diamond
The one thing that never goes out of fashion? Diamonds. 
The one thing that’s in fashion? Being extra!
No matter how big, small, or shiny your diamond is, the best part about owning it is that you can style it with anything and everything.
The logic is simple- if you can wear your diamond engagement ring everyday, then you can definitely sport your diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and what not, every day!
Let’s take a look at what jewellery goes with which outfit. By all means, feel free to experiment with these, they’re not set in (diamond) stone!
Earrings are evergreen, versatile, and must-have pieces of accessories. They are like a cherry on top of a perfect outfit, it is what “completes” the look.
From diamond studs and hoops to drops and chains, here’s what works!
Wearing a collarless top? Drop earrings for the win! Style any collarless outfit with these, and you’re good to go. Avoid wearing necklaces here, as they tend to steal the spotlight. You want your earrings to shine!
Headed out for an evening event? Grab those cluster earrings! Choose your colours wisely. Always go for contrasting tones, rather than similar ones.
If you’re inclining towards a formal outfit, always go for your studs. Classic and elegant, they’re more than enough to make your outfit shine!
Want to stand out in a crowd? Get your hands on a statement necklace!
If worn correctly, with the right outfit and occasion, it’ll bring all eyes on you!
Pair this necklace with a solid colour plain dress.
Have a long necklace? Go crazy with it! These can be paired with multiple outfits, and look the best with a formal dress.
Short and thin necklaces go well with deep-neck tops and dresses.
The one rule about bracelets? Don’t let it overpower the other accessories! If you’re wearing a watch, ensure you never wear a chunky bracelet on the same wrist. 
Try to do away with the watch, but if you absolutely cannot, then here’s what to do.
Make sure that the watch’s style matches the bracelet. If it’s a fun, casual bracelet, then go for a casual watch. But if it’s luxury, then go with the same.
Bracelets look best with elegant dresses. Be it a gala night, or just another day at work: these do really well with formal attire as well.
Rock your diamonds at work or at a party, just be sure to feel confident. That’ll do half the job!