06 Apr 2021

Movies that Shine

Movies that Shine

Movies that Shine: 
Our list of diamond related must-watches

Excavation, heists, romantic sequences and comedies alike, Hollywood has churned out some of the best diamond related movies yet. Whilst exploring multiple themes, they always manage to highlight the drama surrounding the diamond, ultimately drawing attention to the main component that ties the story together - the shiny piece of jewelry. 
Each of these movies have balanced the art of jewelry making and beauty of diamonds with the plot in hand wonderfully and we definitely recommend you watch these (if you haven’t already)!

Blood Diamond: Shedding light on the evils of mined diamonds, this movie has covered it all. From the acting expertise of DiCaprio, Hounsou and Connelly to the wonderfully plotted story, we look at how the commonly phrased word “blood diamond” got coined by the atrocious ill treatment of African mines. The star diamond of the movie is the treasured “pink diamond” that every character is after. It reveals the truths about human and environmental exploitation while exposing the immense greed that plays in the mined diamond industry.

Titanic: Heartbreaking and an iconic film of the late 90s, this film was based on the actual drowning of a 1912 naval vessel known as the “Titanic”. The love story is told to be a work of fiction but this is a classic we love going back to. A story of star-crossed lovers from different social backgrounds and the way their lives shortly, but beautifully, collide on this ship that ultimately hits an iceberg and sinks. The diamond in this movie is embedded in a thick necklace and is known as “The Heart of the Ocean”. Rare and deep blue, we love how the entire movie centers around this beauty.

Ocean’s 8: A movie with a predominantly female cast, a large diamond robbery and is a hilarious watch? Count us in! Starring big actors like Bullock, Hathaway, Kaling and Rihanna to name a few, this movie follows the story of Debbie Ocean continuing her brother’s robbery legacy but carrying out one last heist...in the biggest event of the year - The Met Gala! The standout jewelry in this is a gorgeous Cartier diamond necklace called the Toussaint. Elaborate and chunky, this is definitely a piece that screams “look at me!”

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: We couldn’t make a list of movies featuring diamonds without including good old Indiana Jones! This movie follows a coveted archeologist in India, attempting to track down an ancient stone that had been unrightfully stolen. We love a good adventure thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat (we also love Harrison Ford)!

We hope you liked our diverse list of diamond movies! Grab a friend, grab some popcorn, maybe even a diamond ring, and enjoy these great movies. For more information on our lab-grown diamonds, visit our website.