26 Nov 2021

Silver or White Gold...What’s the Difference?

Silver or White Gold...What’s the Difference?

Silver or White Gold...What’s the Difference?

Have you ever heard the statement “same, same but different”? This is quite possibly the best way to describe the comparison between silver and white gold. They may look the same, but there’s a world of differences between the two. 


White gold is a mix of pure yellow gold and other white metals to give it its classic shade of ivory. Often, white gold is coated by another metal called rhodium to give it a long-lasting shine. 
Silver is either used in its purest form or mixed with a little bit of copper (which is then called sterling silver). This mix also makes silver appear shinier, achieving the typical “white gold sheen”. 

Price Points

White gold, since its main component is a precious metal, is naturally priced high. Silver does pose to be an inexpensive alternative to white gold, so it’s much more affordable.


Though both metals are quite sturdy, silver is much softer and tends to change shape over time. White gold tends to be better at holding its shape for longer. 


Taking care of silver would require more work over the years as cleaning it would be a rigorous process. White gold doesn’t require as much upkeep, just a re-plating with rhodium every couple of years. 

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