12 Jul 2021

The Harry Potter Collection

The Harry Potter Collection

The Harry Potter Collection

The wizarding world taught us many things. From the importance of friendship to the strength of love, we learnt how to shine brightest during the darkest of times.
Ever wanted to be a part of the magical world of Hogwarts? Felt disappointed when your letter of acceptance didn’t arrive? We’ve all been there!

To add a dash of magic and bring the world of Harry Potter closer to you, explore our Harry Potter diamond collection, and get ready to feel mystical!

Hermoine Earrings

The one with the sharpest wit, and never-ending brilliance. Embody the spirit of Hermoine Granger with these earrings, and feel all sorts of power running through you!
Pave your own, because you were never meant to flow in the mainstream. Levitate among the crowd with this exquisite piece of jewellery. You can find it here.

Weasley Necklace

The perfect gift for someone you hold close to your heart. Celebrate friendship and loyalty with our Weasley Necklace. Equal parts dainty and fun, this necklace is perfect for casual outings or daytime events! You can find it here.

Ginny Ring

Uninhibited, strong, passionate. There’s no love story greater than Harry and Ginny’s! Honour the love of your life by gifting them this charming ring. Unleash the magic of love, show them you care! You can find it here.

The Luna Ring

Carry power and magic with this enchanting Luna ring. Known for her serene and captivating personality, Luna Lovegood was never afraid to be herself.
Be prepared to steal the spotlight wherever you go, don this ring with confidence! You can find it here.

Narcissa Pendant

Bold. Powerful. Fearless.
The Narcissa pendant is curated for those who lead. Feel like a million dollars, wear this magnificent pendant with pride. 
This makes for a perfect gift for the leading lady in your life! You can find it here.