28 May 2021

Why pick lab grown diamonds?

Why pick lab grown diamonds?

Why pick lab grown diamonds?

Diamonds have been around for years and their value has only increased. They make for a great gift for someone you love, or even for yourself. 
However, more often than not, while buying a diamond one can only think of the ethical baggage they come with. 
Enter lab-grown diamonds! 
Have you considered buying a lab-grown diamond that looks and feels exactly like a mined diamond? 
Let’s take a look at why these are a better choice.

They’re ethical

Traditionally, mined diamonds have a reputation for being unethical. The issues vary from poor working conditions to child labour and human rights violations. 
To add to this, they have a huge environmental impact and it requires insane amounts of energy to extract them from the earth. Around 88,000 - 176,000 pounds of dirt has to be sifted through to find a single carat diamond. The process is tedious, affects eco-systems and leaves behind large man-made holes.
Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are free of these ethical issues since they’re created in a controlled environment. You know where they’re grown and under what conditions. The process is transparent, has minimal environmental impact, and keeps your conscience clear!

They’re affordable

The best part about buying a lab-grown diamond is getting a bigger or higher quality diamond within an affordable budget! Lab-grown diamonds are up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds of the same quality. Customising them and upgrading them is much more affordable than mined-diamonds.
This, however, doesn’t mean that lab-grown diamonds are in any way worth less than mined diamonds. Every diamond is created from a small diamond seed using a “chemical vapour deposition” method to form a full-sized diamond.

They look the same!

The biggest advantage of buying a lab-grown diamond is that they look exactly like mined diamonds! Chemically, and visually, both these diamonds are identical, and it’s almost impossible to spot a difference with our naked eyes. 
The only difference between these two is that lab-grown diamonds have a microscopic inscription on them, which cannot be seen without highly specialized equipment.
Go ahead and buy that beautiful lab-grown diamond jewellery you’ve been eyeing before it sells out!