09 Nov 2021

Winter Fashion and Jewelry

Winter Fashion and Jewelry

Winter Fashion and Jewelry

The final days of autumn are here and it's time to bust out the sweaters, hats, and scarves! For many, the winter season is a time for celebration, with more lights and colours. The holiday spirit often spills over into fashion with a dress code of festive jeans covered in pockets with sequins. But one key detail is often overlooked when dressing for the cold weather: jewelry. With a little bit of knowledge, you will be able to find and match that perfect piece of jewelry that not just enhances your winter ensemble but elevates it from cute to chic. 


Earrings of all types make your winter wardrobe amped up. Silver, stainless steel, platinum, and even gemstones like emerald and ruby. Studs are best suited with scarves. But, when wearing dangler earrings, don’t wear your scarf with them.

Necklace and Bracelets

It is advised for a more sophisticated appeal, to wear the pendant top of the sweater and also layer it with the blazer and coat. A bracelet is a good present for this weather and a more fun and casual look, an oversized ring can be worn. It is never a good idea to wear these accessories with open sleeves.

We hope these tips help you to easily mix and match your winter apparel with your jewelry. Well, if you are looking for diamond solitaires, bracelets, and rings that seamlessly blend with your winter apparel, do check out our collection.