The Statement Collection

Shop our intricate collection of wedding rings for him and her — ethically crafted using the finest recycled precious metals - each a statement of refined brilliance.
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  • The Everyday Collection

    The Everyday Collection

    From delicate pendants to dainty rings — allow this collection of exquisite designs to let you shine on every day.
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  • The Espanyol Collection

    The Espanyol Collection

    Bask in the spotlight wherever you go with this collection of precious Lab Grown Diamonds jewelery.
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  • The Golden Glow Collection

    The Golden Glow Collection

    Drench yourself in the sunny hues of gold jewelery, set with the choicest Lab Grown Diamonds that let you transition from desk to dinner seamlessly.
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  • The Contemporary Collection

    The Contemporary Collection

    Inspired by nature and crafted with the elite touch of avant-garde designs, this collection is sure to complement your girl-next-door look.
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